Infant Care

The infant room is a place where children begin learning about their relationship to people and things in their environment.  As with all other classrooms, we use the Creative Curriculum for children in the infant room.  The Creative Curriculum addresses each of the following components:

Content:  what emerges from the goals and objectives.  The focus is on helping children to learn about themselves, about their feelings, about others, about communicating, about move and doing and to acquire thinking skills. 

Process:  what do you do to help children learn.  They include strategies for setting up the environment, selecting toys and materials, interacting with children, and planning activities.  Most importantly, process focus on decision making.  All day, every day, you use routines and provide activities to respond to children's growing abilities, interests and needs.  The Curriculum provides a framework for making decisions that are developmentally, individually and culturally appropriate for each child. 

Context:  the setting in which the learning takes place.  For children under age three, relationships are the context.  By building strong bonds with children and their families, you create a climate where learning flourishes.  It enables you to the lay the groundwork for a lifetime of learning. 

Price Per Day:

$ 43.00


Infant Care Schedule

7:30 –
Greetings and free play   
9:00 –
Morning snack/Bottle Feeding
9:25 – Diaper changes   
9:30 –
Circle time (books, songs, projects)
10:00 – Outside play (weather permitting), walk
11:45 – Hand washing/prep for lunch/making mats
12:00 – Lunch     
12:30 – Diaper changes, bottle feeding, hand washing
12:45 – Story time/snuggles
1:00 - Nap time
3:00 – Wake up & afternoon snack
3:30 – Diaper changes/bottle feedings
3:45 – Free play (indoor or outdoor play)
5:20 – Clean up
5:30 – Good byes



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