Story Time with Sue the Story Lady

Every Friday Sue comes and reads stories to the kids. She is amazing at having our favorite stories come to life. A fun time is had by all.

Music with Brooke

Brooke comes to the Center each Thursday and involves the kids in moving their body and enriching their minds with rhythym, sounds, beats and harmony. Also a teacher of the Music Together classes, she brings her incredible knowledge of music to share with everyone.


Lunch Box Reminders and Guidelines

According to the United States Department of Agriculture (the body of government that controls food programs for schools, hospitals, and adult/kid care programs) a well balanced meal that includes fruits, vegetables, grains and proteins is necessary for a child to be “ready to learn”. When these vital components are included in every meal children’s bodies and brains have the energy, the focus, and the ‘firing’ power (refers to brain activity and ability to think) required to be active and engaged learners.

-When these are lacking or are replaced with treats high in sugar and low in actual nutritional content children suffer as their energy is a rollercoaster spiking and crashing often leading to behavioral challenges that prevent a child from getting the most from school. With that said below is a list of foods considered appropriate for learning brains and inappropriate for learning brains. It is not to say that treats do not have value. They do have value, but should be reserved for a reward or treat at home, not as a part of a balanced meal to send to school. In the future foods that fall into the “inappropriate” category will be pulled and returned home at the end of the day. If you have concerns or questions please feel free to see Gabby.

I would also recommend sending in applesauce cups or containers. Using utensils is an excellent no pressure opportunity to practice fine motor and self care skills by feeding one’s self and cleaning up after one’s self. Although the applesauce pouches are convenient it is cheaper to purchase a jar and scoop it into a reusable container. In an effort to reduce our waste we will be returning all food containers/wrappers to be thrown away or recycled at home.


-PB&J (jelly is not a fruit though)
-PB&Nutella (Nutella is a healthy option but is redundant w/ peanut butter)
-Deli meat & cheese
-Any frozen, dehydrated or fresh fruit
-Any frozen, dehydrated or fresh veggies
-Whole grain crackers (Rather than the packaged crackers and cheese/PB)
-Rice Cakes
-Pita chips
-Terra chips
-Lightly salted potato chips
-Graham Crackers
-Dry cereal (chex, cheerios, bran, kix, etc…)



-Candy, candy bars, or chocolate of any kind (although healthy for adults high cocoa content is not healthy for children and is high in caffeine)
-Iced cereal bars (or anything ‘iced’)
-Rice crispy treats
-Juice boxes/pouches that are less than 100% juice

(Although toted as nutritional…. pirate booty, veggie straws, and similar alternatives have little to no nutritional content due to the extent of processing)

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